How to prepare your trees for Florida winter


Florida is blessed with relatively mild winters. It’s hot, humid, rainy climate is perfect for the tropical shrubs and trees we adore. But, when the weather turns cold, these more sensitive trees may suffer. All it takes is a single night of temperatures 30 or lower to harm your trees (and the more serious freeze […]

5 Autumn diseases that hurt Florida lawns


Summer’s hot weather and drought risks are over. Now we can enjoy mild to cool temperatures each day. While the cooler temperatures and more frequent rainfalls do help keep our lawns happy, this is no time to relax you guard. Cold-weather, water-happy diseases and fungi that might come a-calling. And this could spell disaster. Autumn […]

5 Tips for Fall lawn care in Florida


It’s September and fall’s cooler weather is just around the corner. You’ve spent the summer taking care of your lawn – in between beach days, BBQ parties and soaking up that summer sun of course. Keep that great lawn care momentum through the fall to ensure your lawn makes it through the winter. Don’t let all […]

3 Lawn Care Tips to Survive Drought Season in Florida


Summer can be brutal, especially for lawns in Central Florida. Drought conditions transform lush, green meadows into brittle brown expanses in what feels like a matter of days. In certain parts of the US, drought is inevitable. It comes every year without fail, and it feels like there’s very little we can do to stop […]

How to Take Care Of Your Lawn All Summer Long in Florida


Lawns are the pride and joy of many homeowners. We groom them and care for them, and they provide us with a lovely outdoor space we can enjoy while the sun shines down. Unfortunately, that same sun can be tough on grass. From intense heat to dry spells and even drought, keeping our lawns lush […]

Florida Lawn Care in the Spring


Although some may argue that our Florida temperatures in January are already spring-like, spring is still a few short months away. No matter how you look at it, spring lawn care is imperative to having a lusciously green lawn and to set your lawn up for a productive, healthy growing season. What are the differences […]

Everything You Need to Know About Lawn Fertilization


Research shows that, on average, Americans don’t know much when it comes to caring for their lawns, especially when it comes to fertilization. For example, 64 percent believe that all types of grass need to be fertilized in the spring. Are you part of this group? Are you unsure of when to fertilize your lawn […]