Port Richey FL

Full Service Lawn Care & Pest Control Services


When you choose to work with A Good Neighbor property Solutions LLC, you make a commitment to your family to provide a beautiful, lush lawn that they can be safe in.

Traditional lawn fertilization solutions can expose your children and pets to harmful chemicals. These chemicals runoff in to your waterways and can negatively impact the wildlife in your area. We employ natural based bio-remediation solutions to create great looking landscaping and keep the environment safe.

A Good Neighbor property Solutions LLC won’t just make your lawn greener, we offer a broad range of services that include:


Lawn Services

A greener, more vibrant lawn has never been easier to achieve, thanks to the lawn care specialist of A Good Neighbor Property Solution LLC Lawn & Pest Solutions, LLC. We know that every lawn is not the same,


Weed + Insect

There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful lawn and then seeing insects or weeds destroy it. To prevent that, we maintain close contact with all of our lawns, so we can take preventative measures to 


Mosquito Control

Every year the CDC states that Florida citizen’s are susceptible to mosquito-borne diseases like Zika, Malaria, Encephalitis, and pet heartworm. The beautiful Florida weather is hard to enjoy  when these little dangerous 


Pest Control

Nothing is more aggravating than unwanted pest invading your home. Pests in Florida are notorious for establishing themselves as houseguests, from sugar ants to palmetto bugs. Our professional staff is on hand to 


Fungus + Disease

Florida’s biodiversity is beautiful but allows more plants to be susceptible to fungal growth. The time of year, turf type, and plant type are determining factors and removing fungi is case-specific.

Pool Service And Cleaning

We have several pool service/cleaning options available for you to choose from.  With over 20 years of experience in the swimming pool industry, we know what were doing.

Whatever your needs are for your Port Richey property, we will create an affordable plan tailored to you.

For comprehensive pest control, we use eco-friendly products to keep your family safe. Mosquitoes in Florida can be extremely dangerous. Pick one of our pest control service plans to protect your family from hazards like Emphysema, Zika, and Malaria. Your pets can contract mosquito-borne heartworm, and our solution will keep them safe too. We offer affordable service plans from monthly to annually.

We take advantage of the unique features of each Port Richey outdoor space. At A Good Neighbor property Solutions LLC, we know each lawn is different and each customer has needs specific to them. We create a plan affordable to you, design your dream landscape, and then set to work bringing that plan to life. We work quickly to make sure you reap the benefits of your investment quickly.

When it comes to protecting your family and spending time with them outdoors, choose A Good Neighbor property Solutions LLC to know you’re getting high quality service you can trust. Call us today at (813)938-0000 for a free quote, or visit our convenient “Get A Quote” web page.