5 Ways to Prepare Your Yard for Mosquito Season


Mosquito season is upon us here in Florida. These annoying little pests like to bite us when we least expect it, causing irritating bumps and constant scratching. From February to November, we Floridians do our best to avoid getting bitten by these tiny bloodsuckers.

And this year won’t be any different!

Unfortunately, Pest.org predicts that this summer will see slightly more than usual.

We’ve had a wet spring. Mosquitoes love standing water, as this is where they gather and lay eggs. More rain creates more places for them to multiply. It’s also been warm. Like us, mosquitoes love it when temperatures stay above 50°F. Above that magic number, they’re buzzing around, getting into trouble.

It’s essential to do what you can to reduce the mosquito population around your home. Not just for your comfort – no one likes being itchy – but also because these pests carry disease. Zika, Dengue, and West Nile are mosquito-borne diseases recorded in the US.

Luckily, they don’t transmit COVID-19!

So, what can you do to keep mosquitoes from bugging you this year? Here are five easy mosquito control tips to help you scratch just a bit less this summer.

1. Remove Standing Water & reduce mosquito breeding

As we mentioned above, mosquitoes love standing water. Look out into your yard. Is there anything that might hold rainwater for an extended period? This can be anything from a decorative birdbath to water puddling at the end of your driveway.

Adult mosquitoes lay their eggs in still water. A single “clutch” could have between 50 and 500 eggs!

That’s a lot of mosquitoes.

Removing standing water around your house limits where they can lay their eggs. This has the double benefit of reducing their population AND making sure they lay their eggs far from your home.

Here are a few things you can do today to remove standing water:

  • Check exterior faucets and taps to make sure they don’t leak or drip
  • Repair leaky pipes and hoses
  • Don’t overwater your lawn
  • Store items that might collect water in a shed or garage; this includes:
    • Buckets
    • Trashcans and their lids
    • Tires
    • Shoes and boots
    • Toys and kiddie pools
    • Boats and canoes (if too big to store inside, turn it over and cover it with a tarp)
    • Gardening or other tools
  • For any water sources that can’t be removed, check or change the water regularly to make sure any eggs are killed; this includes:
    • Pet’s water dish – change daily
    • Birdbaths and fountains – clean weekly
    • Potted plant saucers – dump excess water immediately after you’ve watered them.
    • Pools and spas – maintain the chemistry even if you’re not using it; remove standing water from the cover whenever you see it.
  • If you have an ornamental pond:
    • Stock it with mosquitofish
    • Keep it clear of unnecessary vegetation
  • If water tends to pool in the lower parts of your yard, use wood chips, decorative mulch, rocks, or other natural items to prevent water from standing in those areas after the rain

2. Tidy up your yard where they hide

Lawn maintenance is a never-ending task. It’s easy to convince ourselves that it doesn’t matter. But when it comes to mosquitoes, it really does!

Mosquitoes hide in clutter. They buzz around in tall grass, float around in old leaves and cuttings, and even sneak around in any items left outside. They stay there until they find food, which is usually us.

Keeping the area around your house tidy removes these little hiding places. This way, adult mosquitoes will go somewhere else to hunt for their food.

Here are a few things to include in your tidy-up to-do list:

  • Clean gutters and downspouts; and keep them clear throughout the summer
  • Fill in any holes you find in trees or walls
  • Discard any old or unused objects
  • Keep trash bin lids shut tight
  • Cut your lawn regularly
  • Remove grass cuttings, old clippings, dead leaves, and debris.

3. Guard your home so that you can enjoy your yard

Summer is all about enjoying your yard – after all, that’s why you have one! Even after you’ve removed the standing water and tidies your lawn, mosquitoes will still come a-visiting.

They’re persistent like that.

Luckily, you can do a few things to make your space less inviting for these little pests. We all know about citronella candles, for example. But did you also know that certain plants are natural repellents? How about the fact that mosquitoes are weak flyers, so any breeze will blow them far away?

Here are a few things you can do to deter mosquitoes from coming over:

  • Check and repair window and door screens
  • Keep doors and windows closed
  • Add citronella candles or torches to your lawn décor
  • Switch your incandescent bulbs for yellow outdoor lighting (mosquitoes aren’t attracted to yellow light)
  • Set up a portable fan to create a breeze where you’ll be sitting
  • Plant the following plants around your favorite outdoor lounge area:
    • Horsemint
    • Ageratum
    • Marigolds
    • Catnip

4. Dress for the occasion & ensure mosquito prevention

When you go to a fancy party, you wear the right clothes, head out at an appropriate time, and make sure you smell nice.

Mosquito season is kind of like a fancy party. Wearing the wrong clothes will open you up more bites. Going out at the wrong time means you’ll see more mosquitoes than you’d like. And you don’t want to smell nice for these tiny pests.

Here’s what you should do to make sure you’re dressed for the occasion:

  • Cover as much skin as possible with long sleeves, pants, socks, and hats
  • Wear light colors; they won’t attract as many mosquitoes as dark colors
  • Stay indoors at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are the most active
  • Use a good, effective bug repellent, preferably with DEET
  • Don’t drink too much; the more you drink, the more attractive you are to mosquitoes.

5. Call a professional for mosquito control

As with all pests, mosquitoes can become an overwhelming problem. If you’ve tried all the above and still feel besieged by mosquitoes, it may be time to contact a professional, like A Good Neighbor Property Solutions LLC.

Our team will come out and investigate to find out why the mosquitoes are hanging around your home. Then we’ll make sure your mosquito problem is handled efficiently and effectively. We use a mosquito control formula that’s eco-friendly, safe for the whole family, and can be applied to front yards, backyards, or both.

Call A Good Neighbor Property Solutions LLC for safe, non-toxic mosquito control services.

Our A Good Neighbor Property Solutions LLC, experts can check your lawn and home for mosquitoes. We will provide you with friendly, professional mosquito control and lawn care service and maintenance. Contact us today for a free quote.

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