San Antonio FL

Full Service Lawn Care & Pest Control Services

At A Good Neighbor Property Solutions LLC
of San Antonio, Florida, we recognize the uniqueness of each property and its care needs. Let us work beside you to create an affordable lawn care plan that allows you to safely enjoy your outdoor space all year.

Our lawn fertilization products are environmentally friendly. We do not use chemical based solutions that pose health risks to your family and pets. Traditional lawn care treatments can make it unsafe for your pets and children to play in your grass and that can pollute your waterways. We take an alternative approach to giving you a healthy, beautiful landscape.

We offer pest control services as well. San Antonio residents and their pets are at risk each year of contracting mosquito-borne illnesses. These illnesses include Malaria, Zika, and Emphysema, along with heartworm risk for pets. Our mosquito control solution is eco-friendly and won’t harm your children or your furry companions. Our job is to protect your entire family from dangerous chemicals and insects.

A Good Neighbor Property Solutions LLC is your go-to trusted irrigation services provider. Knowing when to water your lawn and how much water to give it can be hard. We’ll do that work for you and make sure your lawn is getting the irrigation it needs at the right time of day to be bright and lush.

We do provide a free home or lawn analysis. You can access your free quote by calling our office at (813) 579-0699 or going to our “Get A Quote” page on our website. We offer more than just the services listed above. A Good Neighbor Property Solutions LLC can provide: Weed and insect control, fungus and disease solutions, shrub and tree maintenance, and more.

Call us today to talk about your dreams for your San Antonio lawn, or to set up one of our convenient maintenance plans.