Trinity, FL

Full Service Lawn Care & Pest Control Services

AtA Good Neighbor property Solutions LLC, we know each lawn in Trinity, Florida has unique features and service needs. We work to provide you full service maintenance solutions including lawn fertilization and pest control at affordable prices. Your lawn care plan will be unique to your property and your budget, so you trust your getting what you need at a price you can afford.

We only use chemical free, bio-remediation products to treat your lawn. The safety of your children and your pets is important to us, and we strive to protect waterways and wildlife from harmful chemical exposure and runoff.

Chemicals aren’t the only potential danger when it comes to spending time enjoying your outdoor space. Mosquitoes in Trinity, Florida can carry deadly diseases like Malaria and Emphysema, and even the Zika Virus. A Good Neighbor property Solutions LLC takes this seriously, and our eco-friendly mosquito control solution stops these pests before they become a danger to your family. Pets are also at risk of contracting heartworm from mosquitoes. We offer regular pest control service plans to suit your needs and keep your children and pets safe from harmful disease.

A Good Neighbor property Solutions LLC is your trusted irrigation services provider in Trinity as well. Proper irrigation is the most important factor in keeping your lawn healthy. Too much water, not enough water, or watering at the wrong time can negatively impact the look and feel of your grass. Let us set your irrigation system to supply just the right amount of moisture at just the right time.

Our other services include:


Tree + Shrub Care

There is more to lawn care than just keeping the grass mowed and the weeds at bay. From specialized fertilization and insect control to seasonal pruning and shrub care, we understand that none of these aspects 


Fungus + Disease

Florida’s biodiversity is beautiful but allows more plants to be susceptible to fungal growth. The time of year, turf type, and plant type are determining factors and removing fungi is case-specific.


Weed + Insect

There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful lawn and then seeing insects or weeds destroy it. To prevent that, we maintain close contact with all of our lawns, so we can take preventative measures to 


Termite Control

Like many Floridians, you probably already know that your home is need of termite protection, but you just don’t have time to deal with the issue. We understand, and want to make the termite control process as 

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We’ll do the work to keep your lawn safe and beautiful, all you have to do is enjoy the results.